Best Essential Oils for Hair Growth

Washing your hair regularly and letting it get exposed to dust and the wind frequently takes off the natural color of the hair which leads to hair that is dry, flaky and itchy. This is where essential oils for hair are beneficial.  They are perfect for soothing the scalp and ensuring your dry hair becomes soft and healthy.

Essential oils have a lot of medicinal materials which could eradicate some hair issues which include hair loss, dandruff, and early gray hair. They can aid in the enhancement of blood circulation in the scalp and help in enhancing hair growth via the stimulation of the hair follicles.

But because there are a lot of essential oils available in the market today, it might be tedious for users to select the most suitable essential oils for their needs. Listed below are some of the best essential oils for hair growth and thickness.

Best Essential Oils for Hair

The following are some of the best essential oils for hair. They include;

  • Lavender Essential Oil

This oil has a great scent and is gotten from the Lavandula angustifolia flower. It is soothing and gentle and can be utilized for any hair. When it is rubbed in the scalp, it can enhance hair growth, promote blood circulation and avert the loss of hair.

The lavender essential oil for hair helps in balancing the production of sebum and adding moisture to the scalp. It is ideal for people who have both oily and dry scalp. It is perfect for battling dandruff and acne on the scalp aggravated by bacterial or fungal infection. It can aid in the treatment of scalp injuries as a result of itching that is not severe. This is mostly noticed in children.

  • Chamomile Essential Oil

Essential oils for hair are gotten from two varieties of chamomile, but the essential oil which is primarily used for the care of hair is obtained from the Anthemis nobilis. This oil has properties which help in averting swelling. It can be massaged into the scalp to aid in relieving itchy scalp as a result of dandruff, psoriasis or dermatitis.

This oil helps safeguard the hair from damages caused by pollutants in the environment. It also helps in lightening the color of the hair when it is utilized as a conditioner.

  • Rosemary Essential Oil

Rosemary essential oil which is an essential oil for hair regrowth is gotten from the leaves of the herb Rosmarinus officinalis. It has an aroma which is powerfully minty. It is an oil that is made up of lots of antioxidants that aid in battling thinning of hair and early graying. It boosts the flow of blood in the scalp and aids in the stimulation of the hair follicles.

Although this oil contains anti-dandruff properties, it is ideal for individuals who have oily hair. It frees up the blocked pores that result to the itchy scalp and scalp acne. Utilizing rosemary oil frequently leads to a not- greasy and healthy hair.

  • Cedar Essential Oil

Cedar oil is utilized for the treatment of dandruff and hair loss. It is an oil that is known to be efficient in the reversal of alopecia areata according to experimental studies.

This oil aids in balancing the way oil is secreted from the sebaceous glands which make it significant for a scalp which is dry or oily. The oil aids in enhancing the flow of blood and aids in the stimulation of the follicles in the hair leading to great hair growth. It also aids in controlling fungal issues and a bacterial problem which include dandruff.

  • Castor oil

This is an essential oil that has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Rubbing castor oil on the hair aids in enhancing the blood circulation in the scalp by clearing up obstructed pores.  It easily gets absorbed in the skin and eradicates the irritants and bacteria on the scalp. It also has properties that aid in minimizing dandruff on the scalp and moisturizing the hair.


The above are some of the best essential oils for hair growth and thickness which asides from controlling thinning hair and dandruff are quite certain to provide users with the soft and healthy looking hair they so desire.

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