10 Lavender Oil Benefits for Beauty and Health

Lavender is a multipurpose herb with numerous health benefits.  It is found effective in combating simple ailments such as cold, headache and fever.  Lavender oil is obtained from lavender and can be used to serve a number of health purposes. Lavender oil gives great scents and thus can be used soothe flavorings.

Apart from the benefits listed above, the lavender oil enhances menstruation in the female by improving blood flow in the pelvic region.  Pregnant women are often placed on lavender oil on a recommendation by the health care provider.

Below are Some of the Amazing Benefits of Lavender Oil

Lavender Oil Benefits

  • Anti-Bacterial functions

The lavender oil has high anti-bacterial properties. It provides cure against a number of bacterial infections.  It can be used alone or mixed with other compounds as a cleaner for the home. Apart from this, the oil can also be used to treat wounds and enhances quick healing.

  • Improve Complexion 

Because of its anti-bacterial properties, lavender oil is greatly used in the treatment of acnes and other skin infections including pimples. It sebum production and likewise improves the complexion. To ensure this, add lavender oil to a cleanser or moisturizer. Use this to wipe the face. Lavender oil also heals skin dryness and other minor rashes or irritations

  • High Anti-Fungal Remedy

Lavender oil has anti-fungal properties. It has been used effectively to combat a number of fungal infections.  A few drops of lavender oil are applied on the affected parts of the skin. This should be continued until all symptoms disappear.

  • Powerful Insect Repellent 

The scent of the lavender oil is a great source of discomfort for all flying insects and thus it is used as repellants in the home and offices. By planting lavender around the home, insects are kept at bay.

  • It alleviates Pains

Lavender oil provides great relief from pains arising from minor burns, cuts, bruises or other injuries.  Apply a few drops of the oil on and around wounded body parts to ensure proper circulation and healing.

Lavender oil also helps to prevent menstrual cramps by applying a few drops on the abdomen. This also reduced itching arising from insect bites.

  • For Treating weakened Muscles

Do not get worried when muscles get weakened after a busy day at work. Lavender oil provides great relief and energizes the muscles.  Add few drops of lavender oil into a large bowl containing warm water. Place your hands and feet thereafter into the bowl for few minutes. You get relieved immediately you try this method.

Lavender oil can also be applied to the forehead before sleeping to give a soothing experience.

  • Aids In The Treatment Of Eczema

Eczema occurs as a result of inflammations in the skin. The condition can be irritating. With lavender oil, eczema becomes easier to handle. It moisturizes the skin and prevents dryness of the skin.

  • Aids Proper Digestion

Lavender oil enhances digestion in the body. Indigestion causes great discomfort although it may be symptoms of other ailments. It helps to protect the body against ulcer. Lavender oil also lowers the amounts of fats by ensuring that the body digests fats with greater ease.

In addition to this, taking the lavender oil enhances nervous intestinal coordination.

  • Heals Wound

Lavender oil has very powerful antiseptic properties. It is tested and found reliable for quick healing of wounds and injuries. It promotes cell growth which heals up the skin.

It also has anti-bacterial properties.

  • It Lowers Bloating

High amounts of bad bacteria in the body results into bloating. Lavender is rich in phenols and thus help to lower the risks of bloating.


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